The ‘Kurwa’ Autostop Race Dubrovnik – April 2013

On my way after Slovenia i kept seeing teams of hitchhikers, all dressed in blue and always going in the same direction as me  ! Once in a car or truck, I saw them all over the place with their big signs, taking any route to Dubrovnik ! I stopped at a service station and bingo ! Them again ! In an isolated bend in the middle of nowhere, they were there again !! Trying to avoid them you stumble upon 5 or 6 straight away… But who were these people??!

You’ve probably guessed that i ended up smack bang in the middle of an ENORMOUS hitchhiking race between thousands of polish students, all starting at Wroclaw and heading to Dubrovnik ! Luck and bad luck. Bad luck because, impossible to hitchhike properly because of the crowds of people on the road, it’s fair to say that with 30 people at a service station, even patience has no use.

I had to come to terms with this ‘Dubrovnik Express’. Incidentally, it’s much more fun than the poor program offered by the French chain, which would have done better to carry on occupying itself with sticking idiots in front of camping fires and trying to make us believe that hitchhiking is done by screaming after cars like decerebrated badgers.

Luck ? I decided to gatecrash this adventure with my poor five words of polish, which, after all, had some effect! I went on to meet Oskar and Maciej, two nice guys who just wanted to get to Dubrovnik to get completely hammered for free!

Seduced by this point of view, I decided to join this team. “Right guys, shall we go to Dubrovnik?” I said, and they replied “Yeah if we can get there tonight it’s cool’. I retorted, jabbering in a mixture of English and polish “well we don’t give a damn about your race ‘kurwa’ we’re going to the beach ‘kurwa’”

That’s how i ended the night in Omis with a charming team of losers, more worried about seeing the country and going swimming than finishing in Dubrovnik ! The next morning my career as hitchhiking coach was done, they’ll maybe call me the ‘Domenech of hitchhiking’ one day, but at least i know that they weren’t back in class today and that they decided to stay on the road for a while ! And that, that’s makes me feel good.

In the end i found the idea mostly nice, and it was great to be able to share these few kilometres with these students. Even if I’m glad that they no longer overload my route from now on, who knows who I’m yet to meet!


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