Green Slovenia – April 2013

After my hitchhiking battle to get across Italy, I needed calm and rest, fewer motorways, more nature and more sun. That is exactly what I found all along this route in Slovenia. It’s a small country with many different landscapes. First of all I met a group of students on a ramble ! With this lovely group of camper vanners I was able to get to Llubljana, somewhere I haven’t been for many years.

This was the relaxing break that lifted my spirits after the roads of Italy completed their fine work of fatigue on my mind and body. Music, food and an evening in the famous Metelkova were to bring back the necessary drive and enthusiasm to set off strong again, thumb held high!

After that, I decided to avoid motorways at any cost and to lose myself in the Slovenian countryside in order to discover the hidden back-country. What a good idea !

I met Peter, a highly cultured Slovenian who was very aware of the economic and social situation of the country, and who was overjoyed to be able to share his knowledge with me ! It was in his car, therefore, travelling through kilometres of pine forests, valleys and vineyards that i learnt about the different climatic influences on Slovenia, the exasperation of the people with regards to the governments that collapse one after the other without ever satisfying the needs of the population, the history of the resistance during the Second World War, and the ‘yougonostalgia’ the is currently re-emergent in the country. I would have liked our conversation to have continued longer, but our path together finished by separating at Novo Mesto.

I stayed a couple of days, taking my time and wandering along the magnificent river Krka and enjoying the particular calm, soft and pleasant atmosphere of this town, situated about 70km from the border of Croatia where i had to go shortly.

So where to go now ? Several options ! It would be easiest to head for Zagreb, but I don’t really want to go to a big city. Another option would be to head down the little roads towards the town of Karlovac then to go to Plitvice national park and the coast !

That option is for now my preference, but who knows what I will find after my next session of hitchhiking !!
To be continued…


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