Km 0 – The France by the South-East

So there we go, besides my bad luck with the visa I should now first get to Russia by the 15th June by hitchhiking. So for a bit of warmth, I’m heading south in search of sun.

For hitchhikers leaving the Parisian region heading towards Lyon, the easiest way is to position yourself on the A6 (southbound motorway)! To do this the most efficient way, avoid la Porte d’Orleans (the stop on the outskirts, it’s boring, long and dangerous) and get to Nemours by the Transilien from Gare du Lyon (everyone has their own methods…Some people pay a few euros…But given that 10 euros represents more than my daily budget for the world tour I’m going to ‘train-hitchhike’ or put more simply, dodge the fare)

From the station at Nemours, you should estimate about half an hour to get to the motorway services which are very well-known with hitchhikers. From here, it isn’t too complicated to get to Lyon and Sophie’s house, where I will have the pleasure of surfing my first sofa!

After that, I’ll be heading to Grenoble, then Quaix-en-Chartreuse! From Lyon, you should position yourself on the A43 in the direction of the toll of St-Quentin. To do this, get metro D and leave at Mermoz station! Once I’m in Grenoble, I’ll visit friends, go to Rabot, and then I’ll head to Carole and Laura’s house for a second sofa.

Below is the map of the first 591 kilometers!

To be continued…


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